Monday, December 10, 2012

Justin Bieber makes fun of Pacquiao on Instagram

Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber mocked Manny Pacquiao in a series of Instagram posts on Sunday, making him a subject of online hate among Pacquiao's fans, and the whole Filipino nation as well.

Bieber, who is known to be an associate of American boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr., posted three pictures on his Instagram account, which apparently made fun of Pacquiao, who lost via knockout by Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez.

One of the photos showed Mayweather who knocked down Marquez during their fight in 2009, earning the undefeated boxer another victory.

"Look what Mayweather did to Marquez.. #moneyteam #nocompetition," the caption posted.

Another photo showed Pacquiao's photo diagonally aligned into a picture of the late music icon Michael Jackson performing on stage with his signature move. The photos caption read: "Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ .. Classic moment"

The third photo showed the popular "Lion King" character Simba waking up Pacquiao, who was laid unconscious on the canvas for about half a minute after Marquez gave that solid right-hand shot. The caption read: "Dad wake up."

"pHe has nothing to gain fighting pacqiao, Floyd has never in his professional career lost a fight and Pacqiao lost his last two fights. If Floyd wins its not that big of a deal Cuz it would be his third loss in a row, and lf he loses he's gonna ruin his legacy either way there's no big win for Mayweather.. Mayweather is boxing," said Bieber in the caption of another photo.



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